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During the last two semesters I have gained some experience with online tools for project management. There is a lot of tools out there, some are good some aren’t, here I want to share my experience with the two tools I found most useful, so far.

  • Banana Scrum
    As the name hints, this is a tool created for the SCRUM development method. It enables you to manage a backlog, add tasks to user stories, create sprints from the backlog and several graphical representations, e.g. burn down chart. It functions well, and several people can edited at the same time. Banana Scrum is free and functions very well.
    Update: bannascrum has just updated their plans, the free plan (click Free plan below the other plans) now only allows three users, one project and 300 MB of storage.
  • Viewpath
    Viewpath has a really nice tool, it has the basic Gantt features: resource assignment, graphing and time scheduling. It comes in two versions, a free limited version (ad free the first ten days) and payed version. I haven’t experienced any thing I really needed that wasn’t available in the free version. Like banana scrum, several users can be added and manage the schedule.

I hope you also find it useful and post you favorite project management tools below.

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  1. I haven’t had much experience with the new layout, however if it have the functionality of the old layout, I would probably be satisfied.

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