Android emulator versus device speed

During the just finished semester, my group and I was part of course called Publishing Papers in a Peer-Reviewing System (PPRPS). As part of this course we were to write a scientific article, mine was related to the speed on Android devices compared to the emulator (Are Emulators Trustworthy – In terms of speed) and compares some different scenarios of computational and memory usage. The article only focuses on Android 1.5, so it is already quite outdated, but at the time of writing I only had a device available with Android 1.5. I thought it may be useful to someone anyway and can be found here.

My current android project: andNoise

The project aims to enable the user to control his media, like most other remote controllers for android:

  • Browse content on the computer
  • Add content to playlist
  • Playback control

Beside this, the system makes it possible for you guests to add media to the playlist, but not control the playback, thereby making everybody at you party able to have a say in the music theme.

The client communicates via a TCP connection, the protocol is quite simple and will be released as well along with the code for the server and the client, my hope is that other people will like it so much that they want to make new clients and servers for other platforms, (currently only vlc under Linux is supported for the server and only android for the client). import for android (updated) is a great service, and I have been using it for a long time (nothing worse than loosing all your contacts or having to copy them to the SIM card when moving between phones) but unfortunately the doesn’t have an Android client, and I have been unable to make any other clients work.

There for I have been working on a zyb importer, which can import JSON files with your contacts, which zyb makes available from, the project can be seen at, I will try to make the application available via android market as soon possible, until then you can download the source and build it yourself.

See screenshots here.

Update: the app is released to android Market, search for “zyb”.

Update 2: the app only works with android 1.5 and 1.6, I was planning a new version supporting 2.0+, however, zyb has in the meantime announced that they will close down on the 31st of July, I will not make an updated version, I thus urge anybody with android 2.0 or greater to use the method described here: for importing their contacts, before it’s too late! Thanks.

QR code for android market
QR code for android market, scan with barcode scanner or like

Android “1.5 Early Look” SDK

I just tried out the new Android SDK , and made a small video trying it out (see below). It seems to be booting quite fast. The on-screen keyboard is there as well, although it does not seem to work in landscape mode , and there have been some UI polishing ass well . If I have missed anything interesting or anything else you want to see, let me know in a comment.

Android network unlock

I saw that a company had managed to unlock the g1, only needing the IMEI number to do so. This made me wonder how much information I would be able to obtain about the unlocking process, just by looking at the code, so I grabed a copy and started searching (thanks to grep), this is what I got so far.

From the video showing of the unlocking process, I found the string (SIM network unlock PIN:) displayed when the user is about enter the unlocking key, and started by searching for this, and got a file packages/apps/Phone/res/values/strings.xml, which containes the line “<string name=”label_ndp”>SIM network unlock PIN:</string>”, and some additional lines with content like “Network unlock successful”, this seems to be some translation like file (other translation is also in the folder “values”).

Next I tried searching for “label_ndp”, and among others got the file packages/apps/Phone/res/layout/sim_ndp.xml, which seems to be a layout file, for tha network unlock screen (or network depersonalization as it seems to be referrenced by the system), which has a line containg “android:text=”@string/label_ndp”/>”.

By searching for “sim_ndb”, i found a file, containing a line “setContentView(R.layout.sim_ndp);”, “packages/apps/Phone/src/com/android/phone/”. This file seems to be loading the layout, and linking it to some code, like the lines:

My next search was on the string “supplyNetworkDepersonalization“, which gave a about a handful of results, the most interesting was /frameworks/base/telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony/gsm/, which has the following function

This is about as far as I got, if any one else has some interresting knowledge/links about this subject, please let me know…