WordPress and special characters domains

I have recently switch to a domain with a special character (ø), which lead to not being able to use the pop-ups in WordPress editor (tinyMCE), firebug gave me this error

After a bit of googling it seemed to be a problem in the version (2.2.3) of tinyMCE included with WordPress version 2.7.1.

I manged to solve the problem by downloading the newest version of tinyMCE (at the time of writing that is and replace tine_mce.js and tiny_mce_popup.js in /wp_includes/js/tinymce with the same files in the downloaded zip folder, located at /jscripts/tiny_mce — you might want to keep a copy of the old version, just in case you find a problem with this approach. If you find any problems with this approach please let me know.