Test PCTV Quatro Stick nano 520e

I have recently bought a PCTV Quatro Stick nano 520e, here is some notes about it.

Testing with dvbstream

For some reason tzap does not seem to function all that great with the 520e, but I managed to get a signal out by doing the following:

The first three numbers relate to the last tree numbers in the channels.conf file, e.g. created by w_scan. The first seems to video signal, the second audio, the third is some kind of service id.
-f is the frequency argument.
-n 180 means that 180 seconds will be recorded.
-o means output to file.

Example snippet from channels.conf:

KDE’s kaffeine can also be used for testing.

Other notes

The device seems to be using the DVB-C frontend by default, however, using tzap will make the device switch to DVB-T.

Known bugs
I intended to use the 520e with my Raspberry Pi for viewing and recording TV, however, there is a problem with the RPI and USB transport streams. Hopefully work on this problem will start soon.

Update (10/11-2013): I have recently had good results using Raspbmc, which contains a patch which actually makes the Quatro stick close to usable. Occasionally errors still occurs, specially when the RPi is loaded by other processes, e.g. playing a video.

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